Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics

"ACT-SO has recaptured the seemingly lost vision that all black schools in the south had for our children before segration. It's a vision rooted in excellence not mediocrity where are encouraged and insured to achieve even against all odds."

-Willie T. Summerville, Music Director Urbana High School, Urbana, Illinois

ACT-SO provides a great stage for youth to showcase and spotlight their immense talents and skills. Annually we are excited to participate in ACT-SO and the many opportunities it affords us. ACT-SO the Olympics of the mind was developed to enhance to showcase the academic and artistic achievement of African-American high school students just as we do their athletic achievements. ACT-SO has been challenging students to excel, raising the standard of excellence and expectation among oor youth since the first competition in Portland, Oregon in 1978.