NAACP Champaign President issues Statement on KKK Flyer Hoax

NAACP Champaign President issues Statement on KKK Flyer Hoax

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, Local NAACP President issued the following statement:

To All Concerned:

The NAACP Champaign County Branch was notified and in receipt of a copy of what was a very disturbing, –insightful incendiary and racist flyer being circulated throughout our community. The flyer insinuated a recruitment meeting for Champaign’s own loyal KKK, and it list the names, address, and phone number of the  persons purporting to hold the meeting.  The NAACP takes these matters very seriously but we did not want to overreact before learning more about where it originated and its authenticity.

Immediately upon becoming aware of this alarming propaganda The NAACP President diligently sought  to determine whether or not this flyer was a hoax by reaching out to local law enforcement.

I want to thank our local law enforcement and Chief Anthony Cobb for their swift investigation of this matter and for communicating with the NAACP about this awful propaganda.  Fortunately, we learned that the flyer was a hoax.  More importantly, the people of our community are safe.  It was terrible to hear that the people listed on the flyer could be victims of a crime.  It is unfortunate that there are people who would stoop to such  low levels to disrupt the lives of people and to incite fear and hate among our residents.  I am thankful once again to our law enforcement for their professional and rapid response to what could have been a much more serious matter of concern for many of our residents and especially for our people of color.

Always forward seeking peace and justice,

Patricia Avery, CCNAACP President