NAACP President Patricia Avery remarks on gun violence

NAACP President Patricia Avery remarks on gun violence

My thoughts on the gun violence as we prepare to celebrate the great MLK Jr. and the Inauguration of President Obama.

What would MLK JR do?  MLK a man of peace that led a non-violent civil rights movement that changed how a nation would treat its people of color would probably begin another non violent movement against gun violence.  He would probably tell us the only arms we need are those to embrace each other during these trouble times.   His philosophy is not to fight violence with more violence.  Unlike the NRA would suggest as the answer to our gun violence epidemic.

I applause the POTUS for living up to his word to the parents of Newton only 33 days after the shooting.  President Obama signed meaningful legislation to do SOMETHING about gun control and towards curbing our countrymen’s appetite and addition towards gun violence.  The numbers don’t lie.   Many innocent people are dying and when those innocent include tiny tots we should do everything as Americans to see that doesn’t happen EVER again, even if it means going against the NRA.  Certainly not all NRA members disagree with some common sense measures to gun control.  However, the extremist fringe and NRA leadership says to reinstate the ban on assault weapons and clips that shoot over ten rounds would somehow criminalized the innocent and violate our Second Amendment right.  That kind of thinking is as insane an answer as the Newton shooter.  Think about this.  Vehicles are weapon when in the hands of people driving under the influence.  Many innocent people died.  It took MADD and other interest groups to stand up against this senseless act of violence.  As a society we said enough is enough.     The results of our combined voices are less vehicular homicides.  I think it’s time again for us to unite and say “Enough is Enough,” as it relates to gun violence.  The DUI law applies to us all but it does not criminalize the innocent as the NRA suggests reinstating the assault ban would.  Truthfully those individuals who want those assault weapons already have them and no one (including the government) is going to take them away.  Reasonable people know that.  Who is the NRA really protecting?  My guest is the gun makers because gun owners are already protected under the second amendment.   If taking a comprehensive approach to reducing gun violence include banning assault weapons and multi round clips is a step to protect the innocent, then what are we waiting for?  Contact your legislators today and tell them to act now!!  Reinstate the ban.

-NAACP President Patricia Avery

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